Assel Nussipkozhanova

Born in the city of Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan, Assel Nussipkozhanova took her first step in the field of design in Almaty, College of Arts and Crafts. Then she studied fashion at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. During her studies she has gained extensive experience working with local and international designers.

She has participated in exhibitions such as Buro 24/7 Fashion Forward Initiative, International Fashion Showcase, City Nomads temporary exhibition at British council in London, and was awarded as a new name in fashion at the Elle Kazakhstan Awards, Marangoni Best Collection 2014, Vogue Talents 200.

Distinctive features of the designer are volume silhoettes, delicate language of colors, graphical patterns, constractive ornaments, embroidery, prints and appliques of her own design. It is all approached due to in-depth research and experimentation.

Assel Nussipkozhanova is a Kazakh designer who appreciates the storied herritage of Central Asia.

Her pieces are traditional and modern, sophisticated and simple, composite and soft, strong and elegant, rigid and feminine. Her work expresses aspiration and nostalgia for the future.